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Best product to buy for Command X-9 Tom 4 input?

Can you tell me the BEST Alesis pad to purchase to add to my command x-9 kit for the Tom 4 input? I have seen many different pads available online, but I want to make sure I purchase the best one. I want this to act as a second floor tom for me. Can you provide the product number or link?

Also, the description of how the Tom 4 input works says that it will add a "low" sound. Will the module automatically assign a 4th tom voice to all of the factory loaded kits (like it does with the additional cymbal) or do I have to select that voice myself?

Thank you - and I love the kit by the way!
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  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for posting. 

    For an additional Tom 4 sound, you will want to be using this part number: 1021302070-A.

    Part inquiries are not handled here on the forum.  For information on parts, simply contact our Parts Department.  If you live in the US, you can reach them at 401-658-3131 ext. 1403.  If you wish to reach the Parts Department by email, contact them at parts@inmusicbrands.com.  

    The sound will be automatically assigned to all of the kits.

    I hope this helps!
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