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IO2 express audio system crashes and MIDI not working

Bought one last week. A few problems with it:

1. It crashes in Cubase 5 with continuous white-noise like loud sound. I used Echo Mona for 10 years before and never had this problem. I thought it was USB overload issue, and did see improvement upon unplugging my USB wifi adapter. With it in and working, I'd get audio crash within minutes. With it out, I could work for days without problem, but today Cubase crashed with it out (the only other USB device I have is USB wireless mouse, but it has its own USB3 controller on motherboard and on separate USB bus). It's scary working with IO2 because when it crashes it's LOUD and can scare the crap out of you and you never know when it's coming.

2. Sometimes MIDI wouldn't work. The light will blink on the unit, and Cubase will show MIDI input, but something gets mangled along the way because no sounds are coming out of my instruments. I used several MIDI boxes and never had any problem with any of them in Cubase. I know it's rock solid. And I know the fault lies on Alesis.Usually unplugging and plugging it back in solves the issue.

I like this little thing very much, but if I don't find resolution to these issues, it's going back to Alesis.
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